Tink Box with Optional Add-ons

From: $12.00 now,
then $12.00 / month

Add on one item or multiple items its up to you. There will be a $3 shipping charge per item added. If you don’t add on anything then you won’t be charged any shipping.


Tink Box

$12.00 / month

Rice Crispy Treat – optional

Mystery Goofy Snack – optional

Two Tradeable Disney Pins – optional


This Tink Box is sprinkled with pixie dust and sent to your door every month (with FREE SHIPPING). You will receive $10- $25 in value. Small to medium Disney World Park exclusive souvenir or snack items. This box has 1 subscription options, a month to month where you have the option to cancel any time. Items will not be repeated but item types may repeat. ( USA only) *New* You will now have the option to add items into your box. Choose as many of the options you would like to add. There will be a $3 shipping charge per item added.

Additional information

Tink Box

Choose payment interval

Every month, Every 3 months

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