Disney Fab 5 Box

$59.99 / month

Your Fab 5 Box can come with your Favorite character or a mix of all 5. Do you like Mickey, Minnie or just Goofy himself? Let us know which of the Fab 5 you would like to see in your box. We will customize it to your preference just send us a note when you order.

Expect to see 65%+ value per box.

Out of stock


When you think of Disney you think of Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Goofy, Donald Duck and Pluto. Your Disney Fab 5 box is geared towards those lovable characters. Your box is fully customizable to your favorite characters. Whether you simply love Mickey Mouse or a combination of all 5. Simply leave us a note with your favorite/s and we will be sure to include them in your box. With the vast array of items to choose from at the 4 Disney World Parks your box is sure to surprise you each and every month.

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