What Our Customers Say

We are really enjoying the Tink Box! The products are fun, and we look forward to receiving them each month. 5 star

Glenda G.

I love my packages!! Keep it up!! 5 star

Sandra L.

I loved it. And being the Disney freak I am, it brightened my whole day! 5 star

Ellie W.

You guys are incredible. 5 star

Megan P.

I received the wishes box for female. It was great this month. I loved the scarf, the sticker and the haunted mansion posted notes. It was more than worth the 25.00! 5 star

Sarah A.

I was very happy with the item I received in my Tink Box!!! 5 star

Kristle L.

Loved my box this month!!! 5 star

Melissa L.

I say it was the best. Im gonna stay subscribe to you guys 🙂 5 star

Ausevia T.

I loved my package! The only thing to improve would have been some treats or snacks, or maybe a mug. Either of those would have hit it clear out of the park for me, but the box I received was still a home run and made my week. Thank you! 4 star

Jamie M.

I loved it! I will definitely be re-subscribing! Thank you so much!! 5 star

Tori G.

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